The 5V Podcast

The 5V Podcast evolved from what was formerly known as The IoT Podcast. After speaking with a variety of pioneering leaders and companies in the IoT and Technology worlds, we noticed a trend – that the majority of our conversations focused on sustainability and/or technology as a force for good. Don’t worry we most definitely aren’t ditching IoT, instead we’re ramping up the content to expand on IoT and the wider tech world to give you more of the conversations you love.


To put it in short we’re a podcast on a mission to “Showcase the stories of the people who make technology a force for good in the world”. We’re into how Technology, IoT, Deep Tech, Industry 5.0 and everything in between is being used as a force for good in the world and contributing to sustainability. So, whether your company has a focus from IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Automotive and anything in between – we are keen to hear your stories revolutionising technology for the greater good in the world!

The 5V Podcast invites some of the brightest minds in tech to speak about their unique journey and how their innovation is contributing to the greater good of the planet. Sponsors include Huawei, The IoT Security Foundation, and The IoT Jobsite. Ways you can get involved; Join us as a guest Become a sponsor Become an ambassador Feature a Q&A in the show.

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5V Explores

Our explorative micro-documentary series sees us investigate the key elements, people, issues, and initiatives that contribute to the wider tech ecosystem. Each series shines a spotlight on a different tech hub.

We're keen to hear from the people and initiatives making a difference in tech hubs across the UK, Europe and The USA. Got something to share with us? We'd love to showcase you in the series. 

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The Women in IoT Club

It’s no secret that technology and IoT has typically been a male-dominated field and women are very much a minority. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an abundance of female pioneers within IoT, driving the industry and creating even more possibilities across the world.

So, let’s celebrate them! Enter…

The Women in IoT Club – our brand-new initiative powered by 5V Media, on a mission to celebrate the achievements and innovations of females within the Internet of Things who are delivering the IoT vision.

We hosted our first conference back in January 2022 - find out more here.

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