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Isaac Newton famously said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants”

This resonates with us and everything we’re looking to achieve here at 5V Media – we believe that by building new relationships, hearing different points of view, and embracing collaboration, that’s how we can achieve more! 

We’re always on the lookout to partner with individuals, initiatives, and organisations who are keen to make a difference, and who are aligned with our vision and values.  

When it comes to partnerships - there’s not a 'one size fits all' approach – every partner is different, each with key goals they want to achieve. The 5Values approach means we work hard to build a bespoke relationship with our partners; one that encourages flexibility and collaboration, and that is tailored to our partners and their goals. 

How do partnerships at 5V Media work? Here's just some of what we do...

Thought Leadership Program

We provide a platform for thought leaders within technology to share their knowledge and expertise with the wider community. We do this through various speaking opportunities, at our events, leading podcasts, and video content series.

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Sponsorship Program

We love to support initiatives that align with our values. So, we often sponsor events and have an active presence at meetings across the globe. Vice versa, we give like-minded businesses the opportunity to do the same with our initiatives – offering bespoke sponsorship programmes specifically designed to give our partners the most ROI.  

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Ambassador Program

Our ambassadorship programme is especially for those working on the front line, who are waving the flag for the technology industry. We give them the opportunity to expand their platform and inspire others.  

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