By Katie White

S1 E20 | Joel Hermanns, Co-Founder, CIO, gridX | Smart Districts, EVs and Renewable Energy

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In episode 20, we are joined by Joel Hermanns - Co-Founder & CIO at gridX, to talk all things renewable energy!


gridX are revolutionising the energy sector and fuelling energy transformation by building a digital infrastructure for the energy transition. Leading the way to a carbon-neutral future, gridX provide technology for companies to build their new products/applications/services and create sustainable businesses.

  •  Introduction: 00.23- 1:09 ?
  • Why was gridX created? 01.11- 03:31 ?
  • How is the XENON Platform leading the march to carbon-neutral energy? 03:31-05:43 ?
  • What are Smart District's role in reducing energy consumption? 05:43 – 07:18 ?
  • How is Dynamic charging addressing the issue of EV charging costs and power? 05:43 – 12:13 ?
  • How will EV adoption grow and what challenges will we see? 12:13- 14:08 ?
  • How will the innovation increase in the energy space in the years to come? 14:08- 19:15 

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