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By Georgia Harris

3 things we've learnt from Netflix

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Netflix founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings announced In January that he would step down after more than two decades at the company.

While news of his departure comes as a shock, Hastings noted that Netflix has planned its next era of leadership “for many years” in the announcement, which was shared on the company’s blog.

Over the past few years, with Hasting’s leadership, Netflix has been able to capitalise on emerging technologies and trends to become one of the most influential players in the entertainment industry. Here’s a look at some of the key lessons we’ve learned from Netflix over the last couple of years:

1. Investing in Growth Is Key - Netflix has made a name for itself by investing heavily in original content production and development. This strategy has allowed them to keep up with demand from viewers and remain ahead of their competitors when it comes to offering unique offerings that can’t be matched elsewhere. This long-term focus on growth should serve as an example for other companies looking to make an impact on their industry.

2. A Focus On Quality - Netflix is also renowned for its focus on quality over quantity when it comes to content creation. The streaming service continually strives for excellence with each new series or movie release and this commitment is reflected both by audience reviews and award nominations alike – something that can’t be said about all competitors in this space!

3. Leveraging Emerging Technology - From 4K streaming capabilities through to voice commands integrated into smart TVs, there have been numerous advancements across technology platforms that have enabled Netflix to stay ahead – whether it be through creating better viewing experiences or making content more accessible than ever before! Additionally, this willingness to embrace new advancements highlights that innovation isn't exclusive only those who produce physical products but rather something applicable across all industries today!

Despite Reed Hastings' departure from his position will undoubtedly be a big loss for the company it will also act as a catalyst for many positive changes within the business– ones which continue to shape how we watch our favourite shows today!

Netflix will maintain the co-CEO structure in Hastings’ absence, promoting COO Greg Peters to the tandem role with Sarandos. We’re excited to see the direction they take and the innovation they will no doubt invest in. Watch this space...


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