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By Georgia Harris

5V Video joins the RDK Preferred Plus Partner Network

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5V Video is thrilled to announce we are now a 'Preferred Plus Partner' within the RDK community. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, aligning us with some of the industry's most influential players.

So, what's RDK all about?

RDK (Reference Design Kit) is a robust, open-source software platform used by millions of devices worldwide. It's the backbone for cutting-edge video and broadband services. The RDK community is a global consortium, featuring leading operators, solution partners, hardware providers, and developers.

What does our new status as Preferred Plus Partner actually mean?

We will join an elite group of companies like Commscope, Vantiva, TV2z, and Deutsche Telekom (Plus more!). This status reflects our commitment and contributions to the RDK ecosystem, emphasising the role we play in driving innovation and technology forward, through scaling technical teams!

We will continue to engage with the RDK community and share insights through our "RDK Unplugged" series. where we'll break down the technological evolution of RDK, explore diverse use cases, and showcase how users are driving innovation. Check our recent episodes below:

(If you're reading this, you're an RDK user, and you've got something to say about the way your organisation is driving innovation using this open source platform and you'd love to share it with the wider video community. Get in touch, here.)

Moving forward... we are excited to support and cover RDK's annual global summit through event media coverage, as well as through exhibiting at the Annual Global Summit in Amsterdam in September...

At 5V Video we are specialists in scaling teams across the Video Technology industry and are helping find the right people to help drive forward RDK projects further. Find out more about how we can support you at www.weare5vvideo.com.

Visit our preferred partner homepage, here.


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