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By Georgia Harris

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Welcome To The Women Behind The Screen Report 2024


In this report, we're putting a spotlight on 54 extraordinary women steering the future of the streaming media and entertainment sectors. Beyond the Screen, these leaders are revolutionising the field with their groundbreaking work and innovative ideas, reshaping how we experience streaming technology and setting new industry standards.

We're also diving into the actions being taken to level the playing field in the industry. From mentorship schemes to diversity efforts, we’ll showcase what's being done to ensure progress is made and that the future is even brighter for the next generation of women in the industry.

Our goal is simple: to acknowledge and applaud the critical role women are playing in the industry.

While highlighting the achievements and creativity of these women, we aim to motivate, showcase, and increase visibility for women in the industry- inspiring the next generation. Their stories and triumphs are key to building a more inclusive and fair streaming media landscape.

"We're passionate about highlighting the pivotal role women are playing in streaming and entertainment and the future of these industries. This report is a key part of our commitment to promoting gender diversity and inclusion, living the values we hold close and offering a platform to celebrate the achievements of female pioneers." Josh Seeley, Head of 5V Video UK and Europe.



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