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By Georgia Harris

Breaking Bad Habits: Debunking your recruiter myths!

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Let's face it, almost everyone has a tale or two about a recruitment gone wrong. We won't sugarcoat it - these stories don't exactly make our job a walk in the park. But, instead of shedding tears over 'spilled  CVS' (...sorry), we're here to acknowledge the struggle. We get it, and we're definitely trying to do things differently. 

We know you've probably heard every pitch in the book from recruiters who promise the moon but don't deliver... At 5V Video, we've heard your sighs and seen those eye-rolls. We're trying to break the bad habits, so we're going to debunk some of those common misconceptions and myths about recruitment and show you how we're mixing things up!

Myth #1: "Recruiters are Mind Readers... Just Bad Ones"

We've all been there. You ask for a developer with experience in cutting-edge tech, and you get resumes for folks who think "cutting-edge" means a new pair of scissors. Unlike the mystics of recruitment who misread your telepathic signals, at 5V Video, we listen. Yes, with our ears! We believe in the radical idea of understanding your needs before we start the hunt. We've even created our values framework around it - TO BE ATTENTIVE. (Find out more here.)

Myth #2: "They Talk a Good Game but Can't Score a Goal"

Some recruiters are like that flashy football player who can do fancy footwork but never scores. We prefer to be the reliable player who not only talks the talk but walks the walk - straight into the goalpost. Our track record? More like a playlist of hits, less of misses. Again, this is embedded in our values. TO BE AUTHENTIC. We believe there's no point saying you're going to do something, and then not being able to follow through. Our partnerships are built around the respect of this value.

Myth #3: "One Size Fits All - Like a Giant Clown Shoe"

Ever felt like your recruitment agency is trying to squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all solution? We hear this a lot in the industry, from hiring managers who just aren't being listened to by their agency.  Well, to us, every client needs to be treated as unique. If we treat every client the same and offer an off-the-shelf solution - we're putting ourselves at a disadvantage. And in a sales-led industry, that's just downright strange!

Myth #4: "They take too long to do anything"

Ah, the classic tale of the tortoise-paced recruiter – you know, the ones who seem to be competing in a 'who can move slower' championship. Anyone this slow hasn't been coached by our CEO 😉. But in all seriousness. Our reality = contract talent is placed in 5 days and permanent roles in just 10. For every two CVs we send, an interview usually follows. We're about speeding up your time to hire. Not slow it down.

Myth #5: "Ghosting: Not Just for Bad Dates Anymore"

Ghosting - a term that’s ventured out of the world of Tinder and into recruitment. You send a brief and poof! The recruiter vanishes faster than a character in a plot twist. Not us. We're in it for the long haul. And that's probably why the likes of Peacock, Sky, NBC and Roku trust us to do the job for them.

Myth #6: "They Wouldn't Know Talent If It Streamed Live in Their Living Room"

Identifying top talent to power the streaming world isn't just about reading a CV; it's about understanding the culture, the tech, and the pace of your world. Yeah, we're recruiters; but we're also fans, tech-geeks, and content buffs. We love the fact that the people we place with our clients are building tech we use every day to access our favorite shows. It also makes it a lot easier to explain in real-world terms, to our parents what exactly it is we do every day.

Myth #7: "Quantity Over Quality - The Recruiter’s Mantra"

Ever felt like your recruitment agency is playing a numbers game, sending you a deluge of candidates hoping one might stick? It's a common gripe felt by hiring managers the world over. But honestly, this approach goes against everything we've built our business to be. Each candidate we present is carefully crafted to meet your brief. And if it isn't - we'll work with you to understand why. No more sifting through a haystack of CVs to find that needle!

Myth #8: "Feedback Goes into The Void"

Have you sent feedback to a recruiter and it seemed to disappear into a black hole? Have you ever heard the term - 'feedback is a gift'? We'd be doing our jobs terribly if we didn't chase your feedback... and subsequently pass it on to our candidates. We're at myth #8 now, you can probably guess by now - that's not what we're about.

Myth #9: "They're Stuck in the Past - Like a Bad Reboot"

In the fast-paced innovative industry we work in, being stuck in the past is like trying to stream on dial-up. We're all about staying ahead of the curve, using the latest tools and insights to ensure we're not just keeping up with the trends, but setting them. Think of us as the trending show that everyone's talking about 😉.

Myth #10: "All Talk, No Action - Like a Show with Too Many Trailers and No Premiere"

Ever dealt with recruiters who are all hype and have no substance? We believe in showing not just telling. Our action-to-talk ratio is more balanced than the most well-written TV series. We deliver on our promises, ensuring the final 'episode' is as good as the pilot. In fact we can back this up - These guys grew to £1 Million EBITDA with our help...

Look no one is perfect. All we can say is we wholeheartedly try to do the right thing by our candidates and clients. If you're interested in how we work, visit us at www.weare5vvideo.com


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