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By Tom Wilde

Diversity and Inclusion: Transforming Your Hiring Process

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Pride month may be coming to an end, but advocacy for diversity and inclusion shouldn’t stop there; we should be advocating for minorities and oppressed groups consistently through the year, not just during dedicated events in the calendar like Pride, Black History Month, International Women’s Day and more. They’re times to shine a spotlight on the issues surrounding these communities, but we must be delivering on our promises year-round.

5Values considers Inclusivity as one of our core values, and as part of our pledge to fight against biases, we know that hiring diversely is the first step in the right direction. It's not just about being nice; it's about boosting success and growth.

By making your workplace welcoming and inclusive, you'll unlock a ton of benefits like more innovation, better decision-making, and happier employees. And guess what? It all starts with the hiring process!

It can be hard to know where to start to make sure your hiring process is inclusive. It’s not about only hiring minorities; it’s about making sure your process eliminates unconscious bias, and showcases your workplace as inclusive.

So, here are some top tips to make sure you hire diversely!

Define Your Goals

First things first, figure out why diversity is important to your company. Think about how it fits with your core values and objectives. This will guide your hiring process and show candidates that you're serious about diversity.

Create an Inclusive Job Description

When writing job descriptions, keep 'em inclusive! Use language that appeals to a wide range of candidates. Focus on the important skills and qualifications, not unnecessary preferences. Be careful not to use biased or gendered language that might discourage certain groups from applying.

Broaden Your Sourcing Channels

Don't limit yourself to the same old methods. Cast a wider net to find diverse talent. Look for platforms, job boards, and communities that cater to underrepresented groups. Partner up with organizations that support diversity and hit up career fairs for diverse candidates.

Implement Blind Resume Screening

Unconscious bias can mess with your judgment when screening resumes. [For more information on unconscious bias, try this article!] Try blind resume screening by removing personal info like names, genders, and ages. That way, you'll focus on the qualifications and skills without any biases.

Structured Interviews and Diverse Interview Panels

Keep things fair and consistent by using structured interviews for all candidates. Prepare a set of standardized questions that evaluate the required skills for the job. This helps reduce bias and ensures fairness.

Oh, and consider having a diverse interview panel for different perspectives as well as giving managers and interviewers some training on diversity and inclusion. Teach them about unconscious bias, stereotypes, and why diversity matters. This way, they'll be aware of their own biases and make fairer assessments and decisions.

Foster a Welcoming Interview Experience

Make candidates feel comfortable during interviews. Treat them with respect and dignity. Show them your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Share info about employee resource groups or initiatives that promote inclusivity in your company.

Assess Cultural Fit Carefully

Cultural fit is important, but be careful not to use it to exclude diverse candidates. Instead, focus on whether candidates align with your company's values, mission, and goals. Embrace different perspectives and experiences that can enrich your company culture.

Continuously Review and Improve

Keep an eye on your hiring process and make improvements regularly. Collect and analyse data on diversity metrics, like applicant and hire demographics. This data-driven approach will help you measure the impact of your diversity initiatives and spot areas that need attention.

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