5V Media | Blog - Shaping the Future of Streaming: The Power of Diverse Teams in Video Technology
By Georgia Harris

Spotlight on streaming: Diversity on screen starts behind the scenes!

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In the world of streaming, content is king.

It's award season... from The Golden Globes... The Emmys... to the upcoming Baftas and Oscars. It's easy to be blinded by the glitz and glamour of it all.

But, a closer look reveals a significant gap: the underrepresentation of various groups in the shows and movies that dominate our screens. This gap isn't just about who's in front of the camera; it starts behind the scenes, with the technical teams that bring these stories to life, and make them accessible to all. As we delve deeper into 2024, the need to address this disparity has never been more urgent.

So, what?

The composition of technical teams in streaming directly influences content diversity because these teams are instrumental in shaping the narratives, aesthetics, and overall direction of streaming content. When a technical team is diverse, it brings a variety of perspectives and experiences, leading to content that resonates with a broader audience.

The stats don't lie on this. Reports show that a significant percentage of women and black respondents in the UK and the US prefer brands representing diverse groups underlining this need.

This preference reflects a broader societal shift towards valuing inclusivity and representation. Audiences are increasingly seeking content that reflects their own experiences and the diversity of the world around them. Having a diverse technical team is essential for creating content that appeals to and accurately represents this diverse audience base.

Something's gotta give...

Despite the need for diverse representation, the media and entertainment industry's average D&I score is pretty dire at only 54.6 out of 100, indicating significant room for improvement, especially in the streaming sector where innovation is key​.

Diversity on screen...starts behind the scenes. So, as a hiring manager - what's your role in all of this?

The solution begins with you, the team leaders and hiring managers in streaming businesses. By prioritising Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in your recruitment strategy, you can shape a team that brings a wide range of experiences and viewpoints to the table. This diversity in thought and background is critical in pushing content through our channels that resonate with a broader audience and reflects more stories in our global community.

Not sure where to start. We've got you! Here are some things you can do right away to make a difference...

  • Assess and Set D&I Goals: Analyse your current team composition and identify underrepresented groups. This insight will guide your recruitment strategy. Utilise tools like the Audience Representation Index to understand your current D&I status and set measurable goals.
  • Diversify Recruitment Practices: Expand recruitment channels to include platforms focused on diverse talents in technology. Look beyond traditional hiring channels. And make sure you partner with agencies who care and take a stance on this, and who champion platforms that focus on diverse talent in the tech industry. (...We might know someone 👀)
  • Create an Inclusive Culture: Implement policies and training that support diversity and inclusivity. Create a work environment where all voices are heard and valued. This includes implementing inclusive policies and offering regular D&I training. (The B Corp certification process is a great way to be accountable and drive this aspect further.)
  • Monitor and Adapt: Continuously measure progress towards D&I goals and adapt strategies as needed. This will help you understand the impact of your efforts and identify areas for improvement.

It's about creating impact... beyond the subscribers and viewer numbers.

If you're feeling overwhelmed about integrating diversity into your hiring strategy, that's where we, 5V Video, can step in. Specialising in team building for the video technology and streaming sector, inclusivity is a key part of our ethos (In fact, we've put it in our name... 5V stands for 5 Values. One of them being INCLUSIVE). We help streamline your recruitment to ensure it's diverse and effective, reflecting the varied audience your content serves. If you want to hear more about how we might be able to work together to build a team that's as diverse as the viewers you entertain. Let's talk.

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As industry leaders, prioritising D&I in your teams is not just advocating for an equitable workplace but also the whole Media and Entertainment landscape. This commitment is pivotal for leading the industry toward a more inclusive, representative, and successful future.


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