5V Media | Blog - E02 | How Can Tech Businesses Be More Sustainable? | Victoria Bunyard - CTO, IBM Northern Europe
By Katie White

E02 | How Can Tech Businesses Be More Sustainable? | Victoria Bunyard - CTO, IBM Northern Europe

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In S03 E03 Victoria Bunyard, CTO at IBM Northern Europe tells all on the purpose-led approach when it comes to sustainability for IoT businesses and lets us in on the progress of the ground-breaking autonomous ship "The Mayflower" developed by IBM, which is revolutionising how we understand the ocean and the larger climate 🌊🌍.

This episode showcases…

  • Victoria’s IoT journey from the defence industry to IBM 
  • How we can be more sustainable as tech and IoT businesses?
  • What is the long-term outcome when it comes to IoT and tech tackling the challenges we face? 
  • The journey of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship and how it is helping us understand the ocean and wider climate
  • The importance of ethical data and a purpose-led approach
  • How can we drive innovation forward with diversity and inclusivity in tech?  


Victoria Victoria Bunyard is the CTO for IBM Northern Europe. She has an extensive background in Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architecture and Technology Transformation. She firmly believes that technology can be ‘the answer’, but only when we truly understand ‘the question’ – and that it is not about how great the tech is, but about how great we can be when we are backed by great tech. Having worked in many industries she has learned the three fundamentals at the center of successful technology transformation: 1) Context is key, 2) The devil is in the dependency, 3) Technology is a team sport.

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At IBM, we do more than work. We create. We create as technologists, developers, and engineers. We create with our partners. We create with our competitors. If you're searching for ways to make the world work better through technology and infrastructure, software and consulting, then we want to work with you. We're here to help every creator turn their "what if" into what is. Let's create something that will change everything.

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