5V Media | Blog - E11 | The technology Capable of Detecting Scent | Ali Rohafza - Founder, Altered Carbon
By Georgia Harris

E11 | The technology Capable of Detecting Scent | Ali Rohafza - Founder, Altered Carbon

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The Founder of Altered Carbon, Ali Rohafza, joins us for the season finale of The 5V Podcast to discuss their groundbreaking graphene sensor technology, which can recognise millions of scent combinations and has applications in a variety of fields, including waste management, food safety, energy, and many others.


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About Ali and Altered Carbon

Ali is the Founder and CEO of Altered Carbon Ltd. Altered Carbon is giving computers the ability to smell. By using a graphene chip that mimics a dog's nose, and machine learning to give the hardware intelligence to know what it's sensing, we turn current sensing complexities into simple actionable data. Ali is enthusiastic about the potential to advance the medical industry, save the planet's resources, improve global productivity and increase safety. We are currently raising investment for AC.

Connect with Ali on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ali-rohafza-altered-carbon-ltd/

Find out more about Altered Carbon: https://altered-carbon.com/

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