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By Katie White

How to Create The Ultimate Smart Home with Kenny Kim - VP Product Management & Graham Hardy - VP Engineering Cloud at Snap One

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In Season 4 Episode 2, Kenny Kim - VP of Product Management and Graham Hardy - VP of Engineering, Cloud - OvrC and Control4 at Snap One, join host Tom White to uncover the latest innovations happening in the smart home market and how IoT is being used to create the ultimate smart home experience from the integrators on the ground making sure all devices work seamlessly together to the end customers living experience.

Sit back, relax, tune in and be the first to discover...

  •  About Snap One (01:50)
  • The evolution of DIY to DIFM (04:30)
  • Smart Home tool for integrators - OvrC (11:52)
  • Demo of the OvrC IoT solution (15:00)
  • Power cycling: How does OvrC remote power cycling? (20:48)
  • Smart Home automation platform for homeowners - Control4 (25:30)
  • Demo of Control4 (30:25)
  • Software-defined movement as the future (34:00)
  • Security by Design in the Smart Home (39:30)
  • IoT predictions for 2023(43:40)

And much more!

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