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By Beth Law

IBC Insights 2023 | Combatting Layoffs in Broadcast

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The industry has been facing some tough times in the last 12 months... 📺

We've all seen the headlines "XXXXX LAYS OFF XXXXX AMOUNT OF STAFF", for varying reasons. It's been a scary time for a tech professional in the streaming world. At this year's IBC - International Broadcasting Convention asked some of the top voices in the industry what they thought about the crisis; what's causing it, and will it get worse before it gets better....? 😬

A huge thank you to those who took part and shared their insights! 💡

  • Saj Jamal, IMAX
  • Marty Roberts, Brightcove
  • Paul Pastor, Quickplay
  • François Polarczyk, Accedo.tv
  • Yaroslav Korniyets, Cinegy GmbH

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