5V Media | Blog - International Women's Day - Celebrating our 5V Media Co-Founder
By Katie White

International Women's Day - Celebrating our 5V Media Co-Founder

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we want to highlight the journey and accomplishments of our exceptional Co-Founder and Head of Marketing for 5Values, Georgia Harris, affectionately known as Gee.

Almost two years ago, we made the decision to bring Gee on board as our Marketing Manager to support our Marketing team in their development and execution of strategies.

From day one, it was clear that Gee was passionate about her work and dedication to making our business the best it could be.

Since joining us in August 2021, Gee has been instrumental in the growth and development of our Marketing team.

She has not only developed her team professionally and personally, but also brought new out-of-the-box ideas to the table that have helped us stand out in the industry, this is actually quite hard to do, as to do something unique requires a lot of consideration.

One of Gee’s biggest achievements has been leading the charge in our rebrand. She worked tirelessly through countless stakeholder meetings and late nights to bring the brand from concept to creation, and finally to launch.

As anyone who has undergone a rebrand can testify, it is far from a smooth sailing task. However, Gee took it all in her stride while juggling multiple other tasks and responsibilities.

Alongside the rebrand, Gee is leading the B-Corp transition of our business. Recognising the need for accountability of our actions as a new business, she has been instrumental in reviewing and actioning initiatives to achieve greater social impact, environmental performance and take action.

The 100 hours campaign launched in the business that was pioneered by Gee is just one example of her determination and brand championship. Driving the campaign forward where employees have 100 hours per year for them to dedicate to volunteering, fundraising for charities and campaigns of their choice.

Gee’s vision has also led to the creation and founding of our media subsidiary, 5V Media – showcasing those who make technology a force for good in the world. Gee’s focus on the power of marketing in IoT and the wider technology industry inspired the launch of 5V Media as a one-stop shop for companies to connect with brand awareness and community building through podcasts, video series and events.

The 5Values brand you see on our website today is a testament to her hard work and dedication to making our business the best it can be.

Although our journey has just begun, Gee has already made an incredible impact on the business in just two years and is a true ambassador to our values.

We are beyond proud of everything she has achieved and will go onto accomplish for the 5Values brands and as Co-Founder of 5V Media.

Here are some words from her colleagues…

“What I love about gee is that she’s not just a manager, she’s a good friend too. She can tell when somethings not right, and she’ll do everything in her power to help. She’ll push you out your comfort zone, because she wants to see you achieve your goals.” – Beth Law, Creative and Digital Media Executive at 5V Media 

“Gee has really helped grow my confidence. She goes above and beyond as a Manager to really develop my skills, play to my strengths and is always waving the flag for me to build my own strategies and step out of my comfort zone, which has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth”. – Katie White, Head of Research and Partnerships at 5V Media


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