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By Georgia Harris

Launching 5V Video Presents RDK Unplugged - Episode 1 with Labeeb Ismail

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Join Labeeb Ismail from Comcast on this episode of RDK Unplugged as we explore the transformative power of RDK. Before RDK, the world of software was fragmented, holding operators back like a puzzle with missing pieces. RDK changed the game, providing a common framework that's helped operators innovate and roll out new features faster.

Why has RDK become a top pick for operators all over the world? Whether you're in the industry or just curious about what's driving smoother innovation and development, tune in to discover the straightforward, open system that's making waves.

00:00:00: Labeeb Ismail's RDK journey since 2009; from an idea to 100 million devices; first pilot and deployment; monthly releases; data analysis for scaling.

00:05:00: Labeeb explains RDK's origin; standardises fragmented software; promotes easier interoperability and innovation; is available to all, adopted widely.

00:10:00: Advantages of RDK as a common base.

00:15:00: Benefits of the RDK community; unified standards in TV; RDK-B & RDK-V platforms explained.

00:20:00: Future of RDK; expansion to TVs; profiles like RDK B & C; focus on security, collaboration, and growth within the ecosystem.

00:25:00: Comcast's IoT connectivity via Gateway; support for Thread, Zigbee, Matter; millions of Matter-capable gateways; standardization and security in IoT.

00:30:00: Comcast's perspective on RDK Tech Summit; collaboration and community growth.

00:35:00: Closing remarks / future episodes.


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