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By Georgia Harris

Meet our new Head of Environmental Sustainability

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When we set up 5Values, we made a commitment to live by our five core values - from the decisions we make as a business, to how our team goes about their day-to-day activities, including how we work with our partners. 

We know to this happen, it can’t just be the Senior Leadership who drives living our values to the next level. That’s why we’re empowering the wider team to take ownership and drive their own initiatives that go towards helping us live our values, and honestly, it makes us super proud to see the ideas brought to the table and initiatives being driven so far.

On that, we’re so happy to introduce our Head of Sustainability – Seb Draper.

Seb has been with the 5V Video team as a Candidate Manager for over a year now. Seb does a great job, and over his time with us, his success rate with candidates under his care has been one of the best in the business. He always goes above and beyond - which is why his candidates love him, and so do we!

Another thing to note about Seb is that he embodies our five values. He’s always on board with each initiative and keen to add his steer and direction where possible. Outside of work, Seb is passionate about Environmental sustainability and does what he can to live a sustainable, carbon-positive life. 

When we asked the wider team, who wants to drive our Environmental Sustainability as part of their role. Seb jumped at the chance. So here he is – our new Head of Environmental Sustainability.

Here’s what Seb had to say…

“My new sub-role as Head of Sustainability is to ensure that we as a business are upholding, in my opinion, one of our most important values. Environmental sustainability is our way as a business ensuring we leave as little a carbon footprint as we possibly can, and completely in line with what I stand for in my personal life also.

Some of the work I will be taking on will be supporting our BCorp ceritification journey, driving ideas and changes within the business to help us reduce our carbon footprint,  helping us work and travel as environmentally friendly as possible, and also working to help us bring our services to some wider organisations to make positive changes as part of our 100 hours scheme!”

So far Seb has done a great job…he’s reviewed all the products we use in the office, cross-referenced their carbon impact, and offered environmentally friendly alternatives where possible. Helped set up our Bike to work scheme. And is currently in the process of reviewing environmental projects we can support as part of our 100 Hours initiative.

We’re so proud of the work he’s doing and the initiative he’s taken in helping us be a better, more sustainable business!

A side note to all Seb’s candidates – don’t worry he’s not going anywhere, he’ll just be making sure all candidate processes and practices are as sustainable as possible – So, good news all around!

You can also track our carbon impact via Ecologi, here: https://ecologi.com/5values


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