By Georgia Harris

S1 E12 | Musstanser Tinauli, CDO, HAYK | How IoT could be part of the Global Climate solution

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In episode 12 of The 5V podcast, we dive into the world of IoT as a potential solution to climate change with Musstanser Tinauli, the Chief Digital Officer of HAYK and Founder of Fori inc.

Musstanser is a prominent figure within IoT, spreading awareness for IoT as a solution to global challenges such as climate change.

In this episode we discussed

  • His background as an entrepreneur in IoT with HAYK and Fori, and past projects.
  • Ways in which IoT solutions could be involved in the awareness of climate change, and potentially, the solutions.
  •  Whether IoT could potentially hinder climate change in any way and the challenges specialists have faced with IoT as the issues change.
  •  Future prospects for Musstanser, HAYK and Fori

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