By Georgia Harris

S1 E17 | Rob Van Kranenburg, Founder - IoT Council | Explore The Mind of an Innovative Thinker

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In Episode 17 of The 5V Podcast, we are joined by Rob Van Kranenburg - the Founder & CEO of IoT Council to delve into the mind of an innovative thinker.

He is considered globally to be one of the most influential thought-leaders in IoT, renowned for his keynote talks on various topics in the Industry. Rob has over 20 years of experience analysing the IoT environment to conjure deep meanings and trends in this exciting and fast-paced Industry.

We discover...

  • The role of the IoT Council innovating the IoT landscape
  • What does IoT truly mean?
  • Which Industries will be most impacted by IoT in the coming years?
  • Possible negative impacts of an increasingly connected climate
  • Advice to organisations looking to implement IoT into their business model for the first time
  • How far we can really go with IoT in the future.

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