By Katie White

S1 E18 | Erich Hugo - MD, DeltaTrak | Reducing food waste with IoT Smart Logistics

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In episode 18, we are joined by IoT logistics leader Erich Hugo, the Managing Director- Business Innovation at DeltaTrak to discover how IoT is reshaping the food industry, explore the fascinating industry of logistics and lens in on the perishable supply chain to find out how Real-Time Loggers are helping to solve mass food waste.

DeltaTrak is a company leading IoT cold chain management and temperature monitoring solutions. Erich is widely recognised as a major mover and shaker within global IoT innovation, transforming the food supply chain across the planet. 

Tune in to discover

  • Erich’s Background in IoT and what inspired him to develop Real-Time Logging solutions for food waste. 01.04-19-59
  • What are the DeltaTrak Real-Time Loggers? How do they work to prevent food waste across the supply chain? 19:59-27:40
  • An example of how Real-Time Logging has worked to find the reason and create the solution for rotting avocados in transit. 27:40-31:04
  • How can we change habits to combat food waste. 31:04-36:19
  • What is in store for the future- how will Real-Time Loggers evolve? 36:19-48:00

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