By Katie White

S1 E9 | Marcos Arizti, CEO, StalkIT | How IoT is revolutionising the Agricultural & Waste Industries

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In Episode 9 of The 5V Podcast, we explore the world of smart farming and non-digital asset monitoring with Marcos Arizti, CEO at StalkIT one of the world’s largest NB-IoT tracking providers delivering innovative IoT tracking solutions to digitalise the waste, livestock, and asset industries.

Marcos answers these questions:

  • What is your background in IoT and NB-IoT Tracking?
  • What value does StalkIT bring for customers who wish to deploy IoT tracking solutions into their business, especially within the waste and agricultural Industries?
  • How does NB-IoT help visibility?
  • How has coronavirus impacted the IoT tracking industries in the agricultural and recycling market, what are the long- term changes?
  • Where do you see the future of waste and asset tracking heading?
  • Will we see a more sustainable world? 

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