5V Media | Blog - E04 | TinyML for Good: Machine Learning at its Greatest | Evgeni Gousev, TinyML Foundation
By Katie White

E04 | TinyML for Good: Machine Learning at its Greatest | Evgeni Gousev, TinyML Foundation

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In E04, we're joined by Evgeni Gousev, Chairman of the TinyML Foundation & Senior Director of Qualcomm Technologies to find out about the three pillars of impact from TinyML: commercial, for good and data democratisation.

This Episode Showcases...

  • What is TinyML Technology?
  • What does the TinyML Foundation do?
  • What are the impact use cases of TinyML for businesses, society and for good?
  • What's in store for the future?
  • How can developers and partners get involved in TinyML?

About Evgeni & TinyML Foundation

Evgeni is a senior director of engineering at Qualcomm Research in Silicon Valley, where he leads the R&D organization. He's in charge of the company's ultra-low-power embedded computing platform, which includes always-on machine vision AI. He is Chairman of TinyML Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to accelerate the growth of a prosperous and integrated global community of hardware, software and systems scientists, engineers, designers, product and business application people developing leading-edge energy-efficient machine learning.

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