5V Media | Blog - E05 | Elevate Our Kids: Making IoT More Accessible | Stephanie Atkinson, Compass Intelligence
By Katie White

E05 | Elevate Our Kids: Making IoT More Accessible | Stephanie Atkinson, Compass Intelligence

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In E05 of The 5V Podcast, Stephanie Atkinson - Founder & CEO at Compass Intelligence tells us about the non-profit organisation, Elevate Our Kids, which makes tech more accessible for underserved communities. We also dive into IoT fragmentation, industry hiring best practices and greenwashing.

This Episode Showcases...

  • What is the Elevate Our Kids non-profit organisation and how is this making tech more accessible to undeserved communities?
  • What is greenwashing and are tech/IoT companies still doing so? 
  • What changes are happening for hiring in IoT?
  • What lessons have been learned when thinking about IoT value proposition?
  • Do we need to be concerned about IoT market fragmentation?

About Stephanie / Compass Intelligence / Elevate Our Kids

For 25+ years, Stephanie Atkinson, has provided strategic insights, key trends, market intelligence, industry modeling/forecasting, and advisory services to technology companies, enterprise executives, and government leaders across the globe.

She is the founder and CEO of Compass Intelligence, a leading tech advisory and market research firm based in Texas and in 2020 founded vMarque.com serving SMBs with branding, web design, and marketing. She recently founded and is serving as president of ElevateOurKids.org, a 501c3 non-profit to help bridge the digital divide in K-12 Education by fundraising and providing laptops to students in under-resourced communities.

Stephanie is a Co-Host of the popular podcast IoT Coffee Talk.

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