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By Katie White

E01 | Food Production & Sustainability | Tim Paridaens, Deloitte

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In E1 of The 5V Podcast, Tim Paridaens - Chief IoT Architect at Deloitte kicks off the season by sharing the IoT initiatives empowering sustainability and driving a better world.

This episode showcases...

  • What IoT projects and initiatives are Deloitte involved in?
  • What’s going on with IoT and food production sustainability? Is IoT the answer?
  •  The glucose monitoring device transforming healthcare – What’s health as a subscription?
  • The market trends you need to know about (right now!)
  • Evidence vs. action for IoT – is there a winner?
  • How can we be more open and transparent as an industry?

And much more!

​​​About Tim

Tim is an IoT leader at Deloitte Belgium and Chief IoT Architect at Deloitte global CoE. He has worked on the border between technology and business, always challenging the status quo and seeing how new technology can support businesses in their problems. Innovation led by IoT has become his spirit.

Connect with Tim

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About Deloitte

Deloitte is a global IoT consulting market leader with a broad range of IoT services designed to meet client needs across industries. The end-to-end IoT service offering ranges from ideation to strategy to implementation. On a daily basis, Deloitte work on new IoT solutions where all of them have the potential to revolutionize the way we lead our lives and run our businesses. Deloitte’s IoT offering combines deep industry knowledge with cross-competency delivery capabilities.

Find out more about Deloitte – Here

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What is The 5V Podcast?

The 5V Podcast is a special one-off season that we put together as a celebration of our company values after we launched 5V Media; a media provider for the IoT and wider tech world. 5V Media powers The IoT Podcast, events, video content and much more! 

Until next time sit back, relax, tune in a discover the people, initiatives and communities driving technology as a force for good!


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