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By Katie White

How NOT to Fail in IoT with Samir Bounab - CEO at Witekio

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About this episode

In S4 Episode 1 of The IoT Podcast, Samir Bounab – CEO at Witekio joins Host Tom White to unpack the organisational implications of IoT, why products and organisations are failing to go to market and what strategies he has used to bring project success.

Samir has over 15 years of international corporate experience in the tech industry, redesigning businesses from A-Z and has overseen over 300 IoT projects. In this episode, he’ll be using his leadership experience to shed light on the critical role of organisations in achieving IoT success.

Sit back, relax, tune in and discover…

  • About Samir and his background (1:35)
  • What does Witekio do? (03:00)
  • Why do organisational implications need to be a strong consideration for IoT? (05:54)
  • How do we resolve organisational issues/ what would be your advice? (12:05)
  • The role of leadership in driving successful IoT implementations (17:50)
  • Real-life examples of successful and unsuccessful IoT implementation (22:10)
  • Best practices and strategies for a killer go-to-market-strategy – a playbook of methodology (28:37)
  • Advice to those who have already tried to go to market but failed (32:20)
  • Prediction for IoT in 2023? (35:57)
  • And much more!

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